Lang Xu

B. Eng. Chemical Engineering
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

2725 Engineering Hall


  • Roland A. Ragatz Discussion Award
  • 2016 AIChE CRE Division Travel Award
  • 2017 North American Catalysis Society Kokes Travel Award

  1. Ethylene Dimerization and Oligomerization to 1-Butene and Higher Olefins with Chromium-Promoted Cobalt on Carbon Catalyst”, Z. Xu, J. P. Chada, L. Xu, D. Zhao, D. C. Rosenfeld, J. L. Rogers, I. Hermans, M. Mavrikakis, and G. W. Huber, ACS Catalysis. [DOI]
  2. A DFT study of chlorine coverage over late transition metals and its implication on 1,2-dichloroethane hydrodechlorination”, L. Xu, E. E. Stangland, and M. Mavrikakis, Catalysis Science and Technology. [DOI]
  3. Facile Synthesis of Ru-Based Octahedral Nanocages with Ultrathin Walls in a Face-Centered Cubic Structure”, M. Zhao, A. O. Elnabawy, M. Vara, L. Xu, Z. D. Hood, X. Yang, K. D. Gilroy, L. Figueroa-Cosme, M. Chi, M. Mavrikakis, and Y. Xia, Chemistry of Materials 29, 9227 (2017). [DOI]
  4. Atomic and molecular adsorption on Fe(110)”, L. Xu, D. Kirvassilis, Y. Bai, and M. Mavrikakis, Surface Science 667, 54 (2018). [DOI]
  5. Chloroform Hydrodechlorination over Palladium–Gold Catalysts: A First-Principles DFT Study”, L. Xu, X. Yao, A. Khan, and M. Mavrikakis, ChemCatChem 8, 1739 (2016). [DOI]
  6. Heterogeneous Reduction Pathways for Hg(II) Species on Dry Aerosols: A First-Principles Computational Study”, S. A. Tacey, L. Xu, M. Mavrikakis, and J. J. Schauer, Journal of Physical Chemistry A 120, 2106 (2016). [DOI]

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