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Paper: “Computational Chemistry-Guided Design of Selective Chemoresponsive Liquid Crystals Using Pyridine and Pyrimidine Functional Groups”[DOI] highlighted in Hot Topics by Wiley-VCH.

Manos Mavrikakis awarded a Gabor A. and Judith K. Somorjai Visting Miller Professorship Award (Chemistry Department, UC-Berkeley, Jan 2018)


Manos Mavrikakis recognized by American Vacuum Society
UW-Madison College of Engineering News (May 2017)

Manos Mavrikakis receives research award from Michigan Catalysis Society
UW-Madison College of Engineering News (April 2017)


Battery electrode material boosts platinum catalyst’s performance
MRS Bulletin (December 2016)

Paper: “Towards first-principles molecular design of liquid crystal-based chemoresponsive systems”[DOI] highlighted by multiple news agencies
UW-Madison News Releases
College of Engineering News
Science Daily
CBRNE Central
The Daily Cardinal
Electronic Component News
Controlled Environments
Lab Manager
AZO Sensors
Chemical Processing

Paper: “Ab initio molecular dynamics of solvation effects on reactivity at electrified interfaces”[DOI] highlighted by multiple news agencies
Chemical Engineering Progress (of AIChE)
Science Daily
R&D Magazine
UW-Madison College of Engineering News.

Manos Mavrikakis named a fellow of the American Vacuum Society
UW-Madison College of Engineering News (June 2016)

Paper: “Direct time-domain observation of attosecond final-state lifetimes in photoemission from solids”[DOI] highlighted by multiple news agencies
JILA Science
UW-Madison College of Engineering News

Manos Mavrikakis is recognized as one of the 25 Chemical Engineering Professors You Should Know by the blog of

Paper: “Active sites and mechanisms for H2O2 decomposition over Pd catalysts”[DOI] highlighted by multiple news agencies
ChemEurope News and Events
UW-Madison College of Engineering News

Paper: “Atomic layer-by-layer deposition of platinum on palladium octahedra for enhanced catalysts toward the oxygen reduction reaction”[DOI] highlighted in Science Daily.

Paper: “Computational chemistry for NH3 synthesis, hydrotreating, and NOx reduction: Three topics of special interest to Haldor Topsøe”[DOI] highlighted in Graduate Research Spotlight of AIChE blog ChEnected.

Manos Mavrikakis selected as a Vilas Associate
College of Engineering, UW-Madison (March 2016)


Paper: “Adsorption of Nitrogen- and Sulfur-Containing Compounds on NiMoS for Hydrotreating Reactions: A DFT and vdW-Corrected Study” [DOI] appears on the cover page of the AIChE Journal, Volume 61, Number 12

Luke Roling contributes article to “ACS Green Chemistry: The Nexus”, highlighting the group’s work in fuel cell catalyst design. (December 2015)

R. Fenton-May recipient Anthony Plauck is highlighted in CoE. (November 2015)

Paper: “Platinum-based nanocages with subnanometer-thick walls and well-defined, controllable facets” [DOI] highlighted by multiple news agencies
UW-Madison News Releases (July 2015)
Office of Science, University Research highlights section, DOE
EurekAlert! (July 2015)
R&D Magazine
Green Car Congress
Science Daily

Paper: “Palladium–platinum core-shell icosahedra with substantially enhanced activity and durability towards oxygen reduction” [DOI] highlighted by multiple news agencies
College of Engineering, UW-Madison (July 2015)
UW-Madison News Releases (July 2015)
Science Daily

Manos Mavrikakis selected for a Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professorship
College of Engineering, UW-Madison (May 2015)


Paper: “Catalytically active Au-O(OH)x- species stabilized by alkali ions on zeolites and mesoporous oxides” [DOI] highlighted by multiple news agencies
EurekAlert! (November 2014)
Green Car Congress (December 2014)
Tufts Now (November 2014)
Science Daily (November 2014)

Manos Mavrikakis elected Fellow to the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)
UW-Madison News Releases (November 2014)

Manos Mavrikakis selected by the AIChE for the 2014 R. H. Wilhelm Award in Chemical Reaction Engineering
College of Engineering, UW-Madison (November 2014)

Feature Article: “First-Principles Mechanistic Analysis of Dimethyl Ether Electro-Oxidation on Monometallic Single-Crystal Surfaces” [DOI] appears on the cover page of the Journal of Physical Chemistry C, Volume 118, Number 42

Paper: “Water Clustering on Nanostructured Iron Oxide Films” [DOI] highlighted by multiple news agencies
College of Engineering, UW-Madison (August 2014) (July 2014) 2014)
UW-Madison News (August 2014)

Manos Mavrikakis selected for the Byron Bird Award for Excellence in a Research Publication
College of Engineering, UW-Madison (April 2014)

Effect of Strain on Materials Properties
MITNews (April 2014)

Special issue in AIChE Journal honoring the 90th birthday of Prof. R. Byron Bird (April 2014)
Table of Contents
Special Editorial

Paper: “Highly Crystalline Multimetallic Nanoframes with Three-Dimensional Electrocatalytic Surfaces” [DOI] highlighted by numerous news agencies (March 2014)
Nanotechnology Today
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory News Center
Science Springs
Science Daily
Green Car Congress
Huawei Club
Daily Fusion
Nanotech etc.
Chem8 (NIH)
R&D Magazine

Manos Mavrikakis awarded a Kellett Mid-Career Faculty Researcher Award
UW-Madison News (April 2014)


Manos Mavrikakis named a fellow of the American Physical Society
UW-Madison College of Engineering News (December 2013)

Paper: “Tuning the Catalytic Activity fo Ru@Pt Core-Shell Nanoparticles for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction by Varying the Shell Thickness” [DOI] highlighted in the June 2013 ANL-CNM nanoMATTERS Newsletter.
nanoMATTERS (June 2013)


Paper: “Ru-Pt Core-Shell Nanoparticles for Preferential Oxidation of Carbon Monoxide in Hydrogen” [DOI] listed among the 20 landmark articles published in Nature Materials in the 2002-2012 ten-year period.
Nature Materials (September 2012)

Manos Mavrikakis becomes Editor-in-Chief of Surface Science (July 2012)

Effect of H2O on H diffusion on metal oxides
UW-Madison College of Engineering News (May 2012)
Science Daily (May 2012)
AAAS News (May 2012)
myScience News (May 2012)
Decoded Science (May 2012)
ChemEurope (May 2012)
ChemWeb (May 2012) (May 2012)
Science Plus (May 2012)

Catalysis by Single-Atom Alloys
Chemical & Engineering News (March 2012)

Read a commentary paper on publication #105 [DOI] by Prof. A. Groß
Surface Science (January 2012)


Manos Mavrikakis interviews Dr. Haldor Topsøe on behalf of the Annual Review of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering (December 2011)

Video (Youtube)
Annual Reviews Audio and Video Series

Our group highlighted in “The Catalyst Review” November 2011 issue

Manos Mavrikakis is among the top 100 Chemists for 2000 – 2010
Science Watch (February 2011)

Read a commentary article on publication #96 by Prof. J. M. Thomas
Angewandte Chemie (January 2011)


Less-expensive Low-temperature Catalyst for Hydrogen Purification
Highlight in Angewandte Chemie International Edition (January 2011)
UW-Madison News (September 2010)
UW-Madison College of Engineering News (September 2010)
Chemical & Engineering News (September 27, 2010)
Chemistry World (September 2010)
The Green Optimistic (September 2010)
Nanowerk (September 2010)

Designing core-shell nanocatalysts for PROX
Nature Chemistry (May 2010)

Modeling Ethanol Decomposition on Transition Metals
CNM News (October 2009)

Romnes Faculty Fellowship
UW-Madison News (February 2009)
The Capital Times (February 2009)

Surface chemistry of TiO2
Chemical & Engineering News (February 2009)

Efficient Ethanol Fuel Cells
MIT Technology Review – Energy (February 2009)

Hydrogen on Au-Ir alloys
Cover page article in Journal of Physical Chemistry C (January 2009)


Manos Mavrikakis selected for the 2009 Paul H. Emmett Award in Fundamental Catalysis
Emmett Award 2009 – NACS Video
NACS News (September 2008)

Read a commentary article on publication # 74 by Profs. J. Rossmeisl and J. K. Nørskov
Surface Science (July 2008)

Core-Shell Catalyst Clears CO
Chemical & Engineering News (March 2008)

New catalyst designed for the preferential oxidation of CO
Platinum Today (March 2008)

New nanoparticle catalyst brings fuel-cell cars closer to showroom
WisBusiness Press Release (March 2008)
UW-Madison News (March 2008)
Nanotechweb (March 2008)
Nanotechwire (March 2008)
Nanowerk (March 2008) (March 2008)

New catalyst gives boost to fuel cells: UW-Madison scientists played role
TMCnet (March 2008)

CO/Hydrogen Separation
Ethanol: Fact, Fiction, Reality (March 2008)

‘Designer’ catalyst fights fuel cell poisoning
Chemistry World (March 2008)

New Catalyst More Efficiently Removes CO from Hydrogen; Benefit for Fuel Cells
Green Car Congress (March 2008)


Seaborg Successes
NERSC News, September 2007

Welcome to the world’s largest supercomputing grid
Computer World (June 2007)

Electric Science – Fuel Cell Research Could Make Clean Energy Affordable
NERSC News (March 2007)


National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) – Tungsten runs guide fuel-cell research
NCSA (July 2006)
HPCwire (July 2006)

Cover page article in Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics
PCCP (July 2006)

APS Spring Meeting, March 2006 – Hydrogen Economy
EurekAlert (March 2006)


Filling Up with Hydrogen
Chemical and Engineering News (August 2005)

MIT Technology Review – From The Lab: Nanotechnology
Technology (June 2005)

Council on Competitiveness – High Performance Computing and Competitiveness-Grand Challenge Case Study: Customized Catalysts to Improve Crude Oil Yields: Getting More bang from Each Barrel
Council on Competitiveness (April 2005)

Fuel Cells
Reactive Reports

Pacific Northwest National Lab Research Highlights – Computational Design of Catalysts: The Control of Chemical Transformation
EMSL (January/February 2005)


Catalysis by the Numbers
Chemical and Engineering News (November 2004)


Density Functional Theory Studies of GaN Surface Reactivity
Navigator (Fall 2003)

Catalysis by Gold: Connecting the Dots to Custom Catalysts
Science (March 2003)

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