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Ana C. Alba Rubio

(Jointly supervised with Prof. Dumesic)

Ph.D. Physical Chemistry
Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain

Degree in Chemical Engineering
University of Málaga, Spain

2111 Engineering Hall

  1. "A new and efficient procedure to remove calcium soaps in biodiesel obtained by using CaO as heterogeneous catalyst", A.C. Alba-Rubio, M.L. Alonso Castillo, M.C.G. Albuquerque, R. Mariscal, C.L. Cavalcante, M. López Granados; Fuel 95 (2012) 464-470. [DOI]

  2. "Poly-(styrenesulphonic) acid: an active and reusable acid catalyst soluble in polar solvents", M. López Granados, A.C. Alba-Rubio, I. Sádaba, R. Mariscal, I. Mateos-Aparicio, A. Heras; Green Chemistry 13 (2011) 3203-3212. [DOI]

  3. "Surface chemical promotion of Ca oxide catalysts in biodiesel production reaction by the addition of monoglycerides, diglycerides and glycerol", M. López Granados, A.C. Alba-Rubio, F. Vila, D. Martín Alonso, R. Mariscal; Journal of Catalysis 276 (2010) 229-236. [DOI]

  4. "Deactivation of organosulfonic acid functionalized silica catalysts during biodiesel synthesis", A.C. Alba-Rubio, F. Vila, D. Martín Alonso, M. Ojeda, R. Mariscal, M. López Granados; Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 95 (2010) 279-287. [DOI]

  5. "Heterogeneous transesterification processes by using CaO supported on zinc oxide as basic catalysts", A.C. Alba-Rubio, J. Santamaría-González, J. Mérida-Robles, R. Moreno-Tost, D. Martín Alonso, A. Jiménez López, P. Maireles-Torres; Catalysis Today 149 (2010) 281-287. [DOI]

  6. "Transesterification of triglycerides by CaO: increase of the reaction rate by biodiesel addition", M. López Granados, D. Martín Alonso, A.C. Alba-Rubio, R. Mariscal, M. Ojeda, P. Brettes; Energy&Fuels 23 (2009) 2259-2263. [DOI]


  1. "Formic Acid Decomposition on Au Catalysts: DFT, Microkinetic Modeling, and Reaction Kinetics Experiments" S. Singh, S. Li, R. Carrasquillo-Flores, A. C. Alba-Rubio, J. A. Dumesic, M. Mavrikakis,  AIChE Journal  60, 1303 (2014). [DOI]

  2. "Stabilization of Copper Catalysts for Liquid-Phase Reactions by Atomic Layer Deposition" B. J. O'Neill, D. H. K. Jackson, A. J. Crisci, C. A. Farberow, F. Shi, A. C. Alba-Rubio, J. Lu, P. J. Dietrich, X. Gu, C. L. Marshall, P. C. Stair, J. W. Elam, J. T. Miller, F. H. Ribeiro, P. M. Voyles, J. Greeley, M. Mavrikakis, S. L. Scott, T. F. Kuech, J. A. Dumesic,  Angewandte Chemie International Edition  52, 13808 (2013). [DOI]