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Yunhai Bai

B.E. Biological Engineering
Tianjin University, Tianjin, P.R.China

2733 Engineering Hall

  • Air Products and Chemical, Inc. Graduate Fellowship
  • Best Presentation of the Computational Catalysis III Section, 2012 AIChE Annual Meeting
  1. "Structure of Stoichiometric and Oxygen-Rich Ultrathin FeO(111) Films Grown on Pd(111)" H. Zeuthen, W. Kudernatsch, G. Peng, L. R. Merte, L. K. Ono, L. Lammich, Y. Bai, L. C. Grabow, M. Mavrikakis, S. Wendt, F. Besenbacher,  Journal of Physical Chemistry C  117, 15155 (2013). [DOI]