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Jeffrey Herron

(Jointly supervised with Prof. Maravelias)

Ph.D. Chemical Engineering
University of Wisconsin-Madison

B.S. Chemical Engineering
Pennsylvania State University

3105 Engineering Hall

  • Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. Graduate Fellowship
  • East Asia and Pacific Summer Institutes Fellow
  • Roland A. Ragatz Award 


  1. "Highly Crystalline Multimetallic Nanoframes with Three-Dimensional Electrocatalytic Surfaces" C. Chen, Y. Kang, Z. Huo, Z. Zhu, W. Huang, H. L. Xin, J. D. Snyder, D. Li, J. A. Herron, M. Mavrikakis, M. Chi, K. L. More, Y. Li, N. M. Markovic, G. A. Somorjai, P. Yang, V. R. Stamenkovic,  Science  343, 1339 (2014). [DOI]

  2. "On the Composition of Bimetallic Near Surface Alloys in the Presence of Oxygen and Carbon Monoxide" J. A. Herron, M. Mavrikakis,  Catalysis Communications  , (2013). [DOI]

  3. "Facile Synthesis of Palladium Right Bipyramids and Their Use as Seeds for Overgrowth and as Catalysts for Formic Acid Oxidation" X. Xia, S.-I. Choi, J. A. Herron, N. Lu, J. Scaranto, H.-C. Peng, J. Wang, M. Mavrikakis, M. J. Kim, Y. Xia,  Journal of the American Chemical Society  135, 15706 (2013). [DOI]

  4. "Atomic and Molecular Adsorption on Ru(0001)" J. A. Herron, S. Tonelli, M. Mavrikakis,  Surface Science  614, 64 (2013). [DOI]

  5. "Tuning the Catalytic Activity of Ru@Pt Core–Shell Nanoparticles for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction by Varying the Shell Thickness" L. Yang, M. B. Vukmirovic, D. Su, K. Sasaki, J. A. Herron, M. Mavrikakis, S. Liao, R. R. Adzic,  Journal of Physical Chemistry C  117, 1748 (2013). [DOI]

  6. "Oxygen Reduction Reaction on Platinum-Terminated "Onion-structured" Alloy Catalysts" J. A. Herron, J. Jiao, K. Hahn, G. Peng, R. R. Adzic, M. Mavrikakis,  Electrocatalysis  3, 192 (2012). [DOI]

  7. "Adsorbate-Induced Segregation in a PdAg Membrane Model System: Pd3Ag(111)" I.-H. Svenum, J. A. Herron, M. Mavrikakis, H. J. Venvik,  Catalysis Today  193, 111 (2012). [DOI]

  8. "Atomic and Molecular Adsorption on Pd(111)" J. A. Herron, S. Tonelli, M. Mavrikakis,  Surface Science  606, 1670 (2012). [DOI]

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    Read a commentary paper on publication # 96 by Prof. J. M. Thomas

  10. "Platinum Monolayer Electrocatalysts for O2 Reduction: Pt Monolayer on Carbon-Supported PdIr Nanoparticles" S. L. Knupp, M. B. Vukmirovic, P. Haldar, J. A. Herron, M. Mavrikakis, R. R. Adzic,  Electrocatalysis  1, 213 (2010). [DOI]