Present and Past Group Members (Old)

Supervising Professor:

Manos Mavrikakis
Faculty Profile
Editor-in-Chief, Surface Science
2010 Engineering Hall

Assistant Scientists:

Florian Goeltl
2733 Engineering Hall



Thomas Kropp
2745 Engineering Hall

srini_photo Roberto Schimmenti
4727 Engineering Hall

Tibor Szilvasi
2723 Engineering Hall

Graduate Students:

Saurabh Bhandari
4727 Engineering Hall

Benjamin Chen
2725 Engineering Hall

Ahmed Elnabawy
2743 Engineering Hall
 ahmed_photo Duygu Gerceker
2723 Engineering Hall
Jake Gold
2745 Engineering Hall

Ellen Murray
2733 Engineering Hall

Sean Tacey
2743 Engineering Hall

Lang Xu
2725 Engineering Hall


Undergraduate Students:

Past and Present Student Visitors:

Ljubisa Gavrilovic, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway
Roberto Schimmenti, University of Palermo, Italy
Mathias Joergensen, University of Aarhus, Denmark
Andres Godinez-Garcia, CINVESTAV-IPN
Juan Manuel Arce Ramos, Universidad Autonoma De San Luis Potosi
Rafael Julian Gonzales Hernandez, Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Past and Present Senior Visitors:

Dr. Ingeborg-Helene Svenum, Sintef, Norway
Prof. Maria C. Curet-Arana, University of Puerto Rico – Mayagüez
Prof. Jan Rossmeisl, Technical University of Denmark
Prof. Jens K Nørskov (Hougen Visiting Professor), Stanford University


Name Degree from UW Graduation from UW Last Known Affiliation Thesis
Andrew Gould B.S. August 2018 Boudouard reaction mechanism on transition-metal surfaces
Coogan Thompson M.S. December 2017 Virginia Tech Investigations into Formic Acid Decomposition: A DFT and KMC Approach
Joshua Lin B.S. November 2017 Covance Reactivity of Cu and Au Surfaces
Daniel Vigil B.S. May 2017 University of California, Santa Barbara Coverage Effects on Surface Reactivity
Jonathan Glasgow B.S. May 2019 (Expected) UW-Madison, CBE Catalytic Decholorination Reactions
Anthony Plauck Ph.D. Dec 2016 The Dow Chemical Company The Direct Synthesis of Hydrogen Peroxide on Pd-Based Catalysts
Srinivas Rangarajan Post-Doc Oct 2016 Lehigh University Nitrogen inhibition of hydrodesulfurization, generic tools for microkinetic modeling
Demetrios Kirvassilis B.S. Aug 2016 UW-Madison, ISyE Adsorption properties of monometallic surfaces
Luke Roling Ph.D. Aug 2016 Stanford University Design of Electrocatalytic and Chemoresponsive Materials
Sha Li Ph.D. Dec 2015 University of Delaware Fundamental Mechanistic Studies of Formic Acid Decomposition on Transition Metals
Yunhai Bai Ph.D. Dec 2015 Afton Chemical Catalytic reduction of NO on metals
Jeffrey Herron Post-Doc Aug 2015 The Dow Chemical Company Optimization methods for microkinetic models
Brandon Foley B.S. Aug 2015 University of Minnesota Reduction of NO on metals
Ronald Carrasquillo Ph.D. Aug 2015 BMS HCOOH decomposition chemistry
Ana Alba-Rubio Post-Doc Aug 2015 University of Toledo TEM studies on TM catalysis
Guowen Peng Assistant Scientist July 2015 Alkane Dehydrogenation
Ahmad Khan B.S. May 2015 Saudi Aramco Catalytic Hydrodechlorination
Suyash Singh Ph.D. Oct. 2014 Air Products Oxygenates reactivity on transition metals
Carrie Farberow Ph.D. Aug. 2014 NREL NO Reduction by H2 on Pt Catalysts
John Cayton B.S. May 2014 UW-Madison Adsorption on Metal Clusters
Jeffrey Herron Ph.D. Oct. 2013 UW-Madison Electro-Oxidation of Small Molecules from First Principles
Patricia Rubert-Nason Ph.D. Oct. 2013 Optimization Methods for Microkinetic Models
Jean Marcel Gallo Post-Doc Aug. 2013 Federal University of São Carlos Water Gas Shift Reaction on PtRe
Sara Karraker B.S. May 2013 Ammonia Electro-Oxidation
Jessica Scaranto Post-Doc Feb. 2013 SABIC HCOOH Decomposition
Winny Budiman B.S. Dec. 2012 MIT DME Electro-oxidation on Pt and Rh Surfaces
Fuat Celik Post-Doc Aug. 2012 Rutgers University Reactions of H2 and O2 on Ni-Au Alloys
Matthias Riegraf Diploma Aug. 2012 German Aerospace Center Reduction of NO on Pd Surfaces
Jan Scheffczyk Diploma Aug. 2012 University of Aachen Reactivity of H2 and O2 on Noble Metal Surfaces
Jeremias Bickel Diploma Aug. 2011 University of Stuttgart NO Reduction by H2 on Rh Surfaces
Scott Tonelli B.S. May 2011 Atomic and Molecular Adsorption on Pd and Ru Surfaces
Falk Eichhorn M.S. Sept. 2010 Germany Water-Gas-Shift on Alloy Catalysts
Henning Stotz M.S. Aug. 2010 Karlsruhe Institute of Tehcnology Adsorbate-induced Surface Segregation of Varioues Pt-Re/Pt3Re(111) Heterogeneous Binary Surface Alloys
Ingeborg-Helene Svenum Post-Doc July 2010 NTNU Norway CO Tolerant Membranes
Yin Jin Lee B.S. Dec. 2009 MIT Ethylene Epoxidation on Gold
Edward Kunkes Ph.D. Aug. 2009 BASF Reaction and Characterization Studies of the Conversion of Biomass-Derived Carbohydrates on Supported Metal Catalysts
Rahul Nabar Ph.D. Aug. 2009 India Application of Density Functional Theory Calculations to Selected Problems in Hydrocarbon Processing
Peter Ferrin Ph.D. Aug. 2009 Hexcel Corporation Hydrogen, Methanol, and Ethanol Catalytic Transformations on Transition Metals and Alloys
Jiao Jiao M.S. Aug. 2009 Fluid-Quip, Inc. Novel Transition Metal Alloys for Improved Oxygen Reduction Reaction
Ryan West Ph.D. June 2009 Procter and Gamble Renewable Fuels and Chemicals from Biomass Derived Carbohydrates
Lars Grabow Ph.D. Oct. 2008 University of Houston Water Gas Shift Reaction and Methanol Synthesis on Platinum and Copper-based Catalysts
Konstanze Hahn Diploma Aug. 2008 University of Cagliari Atomic and Molecular Adsorption on Re(0001)
Trunojoyo Anggara B.S. June 2008 Notre Dame Structure Sensitivity of ORR in Bimetallics
Anand Nilekar Ph.D. May 2008 Shell Rational Design of Transition Metal Alloys for Improved Catalysis and Electrocatalysis
Faisal Mehmood Post-Doc Jan. 2008 US Air Force NO Reduction on Transition Metals
Denise Ford B.S. Aug. 2007 Northwestern University Oxygen Reduction Reaction Surface Chemistry
Kathryn Bjorkman B.S. May 2007 UOP C=C Catalytic Hydrogenation
Jessica Nelson B.S. May 2007 Medical School Bimetallic Hydrogenation Catalysts
Shampa Kandoi Ph.D. Aug. 2006 United Technologies Catalytic Hydrogen Production
Marie Louise Dahl Thomsen Exchange May 2006 Denmark Low Temperature Hydrogenation Alloys
Shan Oh B.S. May 2006 Oxford University NH3 Chemistry on Alloys
Amit Gokhale Ph.D. July 2005 BP WGS Reaction and Fischer Tropsch Synthesis on Transition Metal Surfaces
Apple Unrean B.S. June 2005 Thailand Reactivity of Near Surface Alloys
Man-Seok Han Post-Doc May 2005 Samsung CH4 and NH3 Activation on Transition Metal Alloys
Ye Xu Ph.D. Sept. 2004 LSU First-principles Studies of Oxygen Reactivity on Transition Metals and Alloys
Jeff Greeley Ph.D. July 2004 Purdue University A First Principles Approach to Transition Metals and Alloys Catalysts Design
Audrey Salazar B.S. June 2004 Northwestern University Catalysis of N-containing Compounds
Bill Krekelberg B.S. Aug. 2003 NIST Reactivity of Ir and Ni Surfaces
Jane Rempel B.S. Aug. 2002 Tiax LLC Reactivity of Rh Surfaces
Jaco Shieke M.S. June 2002 SASOL A First-Principles Study of Surfactants on GaN Surfaces