Michael Rebarchik

Position title: Graduate Student

Email: rebarchik@wisc.edu

Phone: (608) 263-0566

2740 Engineering Hall


B.S. Chemical Engineering
Oregon State University


Awarded Bird-Stewart-Lightfoot Wisconsin Distinguished Graduate Fellowship (2021)
Awarded Donald E. Baldovin Graduate Fellowship (2018)


  1. How Noninnocent Spectator Species Improve the Oxygen Reduction Activity of Single-atom Catalysts: Microkinetic Models from First-principles Calculations”, M. Rebarchik, S. Bhandari, T. Kropp, and M. Mavrikakis, ACS Catalysis 10, 9129 (2020). [DOI]
  2. On the Active Site for Electrocatalytic Water Splitting on Late Transition Metals Embedded in Graphene”, T. E. Kropp, M. Rebarchik, and M. Mavrikakis, Catalysis Science & Technology 9, 6793 (2019). [DOI]