Evangelos Smith

Position title: Graduate Student

Email: ehsmith6@wisc.edu

2733 Engineering Hall


B.S. Chemical Engineering, with High Honors
The University of Texas at Austin


  • Roland A. Ragatz TA Award – First Place (Fall 2023)
  • Roland A. Ragatz TA Award – Third Place (Spring 2023)
  • Roland A. Ragatz TA Award – First Place (Fall 2022)
  • Weaver Fellowship (2021)


  1. Actuating Liquid Crystals Rapidly and Reversibly by using Chemical Catalysis”, H. Yu, J. I. Gold, T. J. Wolter, N. Bao, E. Smith, H. A. Zhang, R. J. Twieg, M. Mavrikakis, N. L. Abbott, Advanced Materials 36, 2309605 (2024). [DOI]
  2. Synthesis and Examination of Alkoxycyanobiphenyl Mesogens with a Single Fluorine Atom at Specific Locations in the Tail”, K. Agrahari, T. J. Wolter, E. Smith, N. L. Abbott, M. Mavrikakis, J. D. Mighion, and R. J. Twieg, Liquid Crystals, 1-10 (2024). [DOI]
  3. Gas-phase microactuation using kinetically controlled surface states of ultrathin catalytic sheets”, N. Bao, Q. Liu, M. F. Reynolds, M. Figueras, E. Smith, W. Wang, M. C. Cao, D. A. Muller, M. Mavrikakis, I. Cohen, P. L. McEuen, and N. L. Abbott, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 120, e2221740120 (2023). [DOI]