Suyash Singh

B.S. (Hons.) Chemical Engineering
Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani, Rajasthan, India

2725 Engineering Hall

  • Polygon Engineering Council Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award
  • Kokes Travel Award from North American Catalysis Society
  • Catalysis and Reaction Engineering (CRE) Division Travel Award from AIChE


  1. Significant Quantum Effects in Hydrogen Activation”,  G. Kyriakou, E. R. M. Davidson, G. Peng, L. T. Roling, S. Singh, M. B. Boucher, M. D. Marcinkowski, M. Mavrikakis, A. Michaelides, E. C. H. Sykes,  ACS Nano  8, 4827 (2014). [DOI]
  1. Formic Acid Decomposition on Au Catalysts: DFT, Microkinetic Modeling, and Reaction Kinetics Experiments”,  S. Singh, S. Li, R. Carrasquillo-Flores, A. C. Alba-Rubio, J. A. Dumesic, M. Mavrikakis,  AIChE Journal  60, 1303 (2014). [DOI]
  1. Reactions of Propylene Oxide on Supported Silver Catalysts: Insights into Pathways Limiting Epoxidation Selectivity”,  A. Kulkarni, M. Bedolla-Pantoja, S. Singh, R. F. Lobo, M. Mavrikakis, M. Barteau,  Topics in Catalysis  55, 3 (2012). [DOI]